Fear Not!

Written by Guest Blogger -Lisa Sexton, Founder and Executive Dir., All Things Possible Medical Fundraising http://www.allthingspossible.org

I’ve been hearing a lot about fear lately. It’s mainly from people who know of Jesus but don’t really know Him. Fear is not of the Lord; it’s a weapon used by satan to tear us down. Fear is the opposite of faith.

My prayer is that this evil COVID-19 and the fear that accompanies it will change people, resulting in their looking up to Heaven for help and hope.

It has brought out fear in so many. These days of being stuck in our homes are perfect times for people to start reading the Bible and talking to God. Those simple conversations are known as prayer. Prayer leads to a relationship with Him. That relationship will hopefully result in turning your life and future over to our Lord. The relinquishing of your life to His control is a rebirth and a demonstration of faith. Faith brings the peace we all need during times like these. Click on video below to read God’s commands and promises in Isaiah 41:10.