What Did Jesus Say is a brand of “God Is” Ministries, LLC

The What Did Jesus Movement is a God-ordained movement to counter some of the world’s voices. In today’s digital, technological world, we are exposed to and influenced daily by the global voices of celebrities, politicians, family, friends, etc. We hear them through television, the internet, social media, and in person.

Our mission is to remind and teach the Body of Christ Jesus’ words on relevant topics. Our vision is to make Jesus’ voice preeminent in your life so that you can have a victorious Christian journey. Its four parts are listed below.

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WDJS Sermon Series Podcast

Click https://wdjsmovement.podbean.com to go to our Podbean site to listen and subscribe to be notified of new episodes. Also available on Apple and TuneIn+Alexa Podcasts.

WDJS Television Show

What Did Jesus Say TV Show classic episodes are available on our Youtube channel at: https://bit.ly/2F3Gkd6. Plus, an episode will be available every Friday at https://www.facebook.com/wdjsmove.

WDJS Ebook Series

Click https://bit.ly/3CSXP9n for your free Ebook copy of What Did Jesus Say about Faith.

WDJS Online Product Store! *

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Our WDJS logo collection contains more than 90 products for men, women, kids, children, and accessories, even for your dog! *See WDJS Logo Collection page for more information. Shop at https://wdjs.myspreadshop.com

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