Looking Through God’s Lens for My Purpose


What is Purpose?

I’ve noticed many people use the word “purpose” in their written or oral works. Because we hear the word used in different contexts, let’s begin by defining it. Purpose is the reason why something or someone exists. The purpose of a pencil is to write words. The purpose of a stove is to cook food. The purpose of a match is to light a fire. Can you imagine trying to use a pencil to cook with or to light a fire! That is a formula for failure! Just like things have a unique purpose, so do people. There are diverse opinions on the subject of purpose. Many equate it to career, business, or entrepreneurship aspirations. This article will address the subject of purpose through God’s lens. 

God is Elohim, our Creator, so only He knows why we exist. He is an architect and a designer. God started with a blueprint and then worked backward. He created you, me, and everyone for His purposes. He called each of us from eternity to time for a unique purpose. Do you realize that you are a unique individual? God did not create anyone with the same fingerprints, physical attributes, personal characteristics, emotional quotient, personality, talents, spiritual gifts, and character traits. A set of identical twins may look alike but their fingerprints are distinct and possibly some other things too. I marvel as I observe twins or triplets developing different personalities. Yes, you are one of a kind!  (Article continued below signup form).


Why I Need to look through God’s Lens for My Purpose?

Have you ever taken a drive in your car with no particular destination in mind? You hit the highway and put the car in cruise control. Because you are on a journey to nowhere, a map or a GPS is not needed. As we look through God’s lens for our purpose, we begin a journey that has a specific destination. On this journey, we learn about who God is and our identity in God. Just like manufacturers put everything in a box required to assemble their products, we will also learn that God has deposited in us everything needed for our purpose. He has uniquely equipped us with the exact combination of natural talents, spiritual gifts, temperament, etc. These things serve to help us in our journey to purpose. 

How to look through God’s Lens for My Purpose?

The journey to seeking, discovering, and fulfilling our Unique God-Given Purpose is always a slow journey. It may seem daunting at times. The enemy will do everything possible to stop us. Therefore, this journey must be bathed in prayer. Through prayer, we open up the lines of communication between ourselves and God. Prayer allows us to ask God for guidance and to seek His will for our lives. It is important to remember that God has a plan for us to fulfill our unique purpose.  We must learn to trust Him no matter how difficult things may get. By faith, we can break through the fear and doubt that may try to derail us. Looking through God’s lens on our journey requires diligence, patience, and the conviction that God is preparing and leading us to discover and fulfill our Unique God-Given Purpose according to His plan and timing.

What are the Results of Looking through God’s Lens for My Purpose?

Looking through God’s lens for your purpose reaps untold blessings for you and others. We learn who we are called to be and what we are purposed to do. Rather than just going through the motions or perhaps living in survival or pleasure mode, we will gain meaning, clarity, and direction! The knowledge of our exact calling and of our Unique God-Given Purpose boosts our self-confidence. We wake up each day excited to serve God by serving others. We are passionately operating in our calling. We are experiencing sweatless victory as we use the things God has deposited within us. Operating in our calling will feel natural because we are using all that God has deposited in us. We feel satisfaction and excitement for living as never before. We now enjoy a feeling of inner peace because we are following God’s plan for our lives. Like the Psalmist, our daily mantra has become, “I delight to do your will, Oh God.” 

Looking through God’s lens for your purpose produces a renewed faith in God. Thus, accelerating your motivation and inspiration to seek, discover, and fulfill your Unique God-Given Purpose for the glory of God. Nehemiah and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are just a few names who are witnesses of the blessings of looking through God’s lens for your purpose.

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