In 2020, we have experienced many changes in our personal lives and in our world. It’s comforting to know that God, His Word, and His will for our lives has not changed. Though our Christmas celebrations are different this year, God still expects His children to “show and tell Jesus”. Let’s meet God’s expectations this Christmas season by…

  1. maintaining our Christian witness,
  2. embellishing our dwellings with Christ-honoring decorations,
  3. walking in love in greater measure,
  4. shining the light of Christ in our hearts brighter than ever, and
  5. sharing the story of Jesus’ birth and its eternal significance for all people by every available means, offering the gift of salvation, and leading people in the Sinner’s Prayer.
After you lead a person to jesus…
  1. let the person know that if they prayed the Sinner’s Prayer sincerely from their heart in faith, God has saved them just that fast,
  2. share the fact that you and the angels in heaven are rejoicing because they are now born again and a member of God’s family and Kingdom,
  3. encourage the new Christian to tell someone they just got saved,
  4. explain that Jesus is no longer a baby in a manger but in Heaven praying for them,
  5. offer to stay connected as their new brother or sister in Christ, and
  6. advise the individual to begin to seek God for His unique purpose and plan for his or her life,
  7. pray for God to direct the person to the bible-believing, bible-teaching church of His choice so that they can grow spiritually.

As Christians, let’s remember that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’s birth!