Only God Can Make America A Great Nation!

Would you not agree that 2020 is probably the most unusual year you have ever witnessed? It definitely is for me. The ravages of the COVD-19 international crisis, political upheaval, the resurgence of racism, bigotry, hate, division at unprecedented levels not seen since the 60’s, frequent natural disasters all over the land, and now a recession are the proof. If you think differently, perhaps you may be comatose, living in a bubble, or just nonchalant. America, stay woke!

While we cannot totally control some of these things, we can control our reactions and behaviors to them. The current climate of division, dissension, and disrespect in America can be controlled. We are sending a message to the world that we are vulnerable because we are focused on internal strife.  Repulsive words and actions are also sending the wrong message to our children.  As adults, we are responsible for leading and teaching them by precept and example.  They are watching, influenced by, and some are already emulating the behaviors exhibited by parents, teachers, politicians, celebrities, sports figures, the media, etc.

The Bible says “angry words stir up strife”.  It also says we are to “turn the other cheek” when someone does us harm.  Sadly, most people, even those who claim to love God, will decide not to turn the other cheek.  If hate-filled words and actions continue to proliferate in our country, we could self destruct.  United we stand, divided we will destroy one another!

America, we can again overcome 2020’s difficulties. How you may ask? Holy Writ says that righteousness exalts a nation. Let’s choose to honor God and one another and enjoy our freedom of religion and speech by walking in love not hate!  Let’s choose to disagree without resorting to distasteful, barbaric, heinous deportment! Let’s choose to show the world that we can’t be defeated because we are united as a country of love not hate!

America, everyone needs reminders from time to time. Let me remind you of the following:

  1. God is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipotent (all powerful)!
  2. God will not be mocked!
  3. America can only become a great nation when we live out the mantra that’s on our currency “In God We Trust”, not just with empty words but in actions that honor God.
  4. God is love, hate is of the devil!

It is my prayer is that God will be merciful to America and pull us through to greatness!

One Reply to “Only God Can Make America A Great Nation!”

  1. Good Morning My Sister, Thank you for the news letter. You are blessings sorry i missed your call last night. I will talk with you today.



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