What Is Jesus Saying Today???

Today is March 27, 2020! The world is in crisis mode because of the pervasive global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. In several countries, quarantines are in effect.

In America, many cities and states are quarantined or under a “Stay-at-Home” order to slow down its proliferation. Social distancing is the new catchphrase. Our attire may include protective accessories–gloves and a mask. The death rate from this virus has escalated. Hospitals are pushed to their physical and human resource limits.

There are closures of stores, schools, libraries, gyms, beauty salons, bars, restaurants (except for takeout), and other businesses except those deemed “essential”. Churches and all houses of worship are closed and many are now using the internet to broadcast their worship services and/or activities. Funeral homes are open but must operate very differently for the safety of their staff and patrons. Several who are incarcerated are being released.

Many people are in a panic posture–hoarding paper goods, water, supplies, and food! Numerous families have experienced loss of employment, income, and family members. Various types of employees are now working from home. A multitude of families are learning to cope with new dynamics–all family members being at home simultaneously, some working from home, homeschooling children, or being separated from extended family members. Most persons are worried, afraid, anxious, stressed out, angry, depressed because we are experiencing unprecedented challenges of all sorts.

In a relatively short time span, the world has literally changed to something no one has ever experienced! What should we be doing? How long will this outbreak last? When will a vaccine be available? How do we navigate this world of abnormal conditions? Who has the answers?

We have heard what everyone has said–some good stuff, some bad stuff. We have heard from the politicians, the media, 5-Fold Ministry gifts, medical professionals, scientists, philanthropists, entertainers, celebrities, our family, friends, neighbors, our enemies, etc!

Now it’s time to listen to what Jesus said!


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