America, Let’s Honor God and One Another!

The current climate of division, dissension, and disrespect in America sends a message to the world that we are vulnerable because we are focused on internal strife.  Vile words and deeds also send a wrong message to our children.  As adults, we are responsible for leading and teaching them by precept and example.  They are watching, influenced by, and may emulate the behaviors exhibited by parents, teachers, politicians, celebrities, sports figures, the media, and other adults.

The Bible says “angry words stir up strife”.  It also says we are to “turn the other cheek” when someone does us harm.  Sadly, most people will not turn the other cheek.  If hate-filled words and actions continue to proliferate in our country, we could self destruct.  United we stand, divided we will destroy one another!

Let’s examine our history. God has faithfully brought America through many external and internal difficulties.  Since this country’s founding 243 years ago on the principles of religious freedom and tolerance, we have overcome wars, economic challenges, slavery, epidemics, terrorism, etc.  When we rallied together and showed the love of God for one another, we triumphed over the great depression, the Oklahoma City and New York City World Trade Center bombings, the September 11 terrorist attacks, Katrina, and other national tragedies.  We overcame adversity, destruction, pain, sickness, death, and deprivation and continued to survive and to thrive.  This is a testimony to the truth of scripture–righteousness exalts a nation.

America, let’s choose to honor God and one another and enjoy our freedom of religion and speech by walking in love not hate!  When we disagree, let’s choose to do so without being disagreeable!  

America, let’s show the world that we can’t be defeated because we are united as a country of love not hate!  Let’s do it!

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