Why Was I Created?!!! (Part 1)

In addition to God’s universal purposes–to serve, steward, and witness–God has a unique purpose for your life.  Do you love designer labels?  Well, I have good news for you.  God created you as a designer original!  Your designer label is your unique purpose.  There is no one else quite like you. God created you with unique DNA, fingerprints, and a purpose.  Only you can do what God created you to do! 

Your purpose always involves people.  Jeremiah’s purpose was to be a prophet to the nations.  Moses’, Joshua’s and Esther’s purposes were all to the Israelites.  Moses’ purpose was to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, Joshua’s to bring them into the Promised Land, and Esther’s to save them from annihilation.  Harriet Tubman’s purpose was to bring slaves to freedom.

Finding your unique purpose is an exciting journey of discovery about God and yourself.  The first step is to get to know God.  You must be born again and spend time getting to know God.  I have a poster that says “No God, No Purpose, “Know God, Know Purpose.”  God is infinite; therefore, mankind cannot know God unless He reveals Himself.  He has revealed Himself—His person, attributes, names, and essence (Trinity) through His acts in history as they are recorded and interpreted in the Bible, through nature, and through Jesus.

The second step is to seek God for your purpose. God knows why He created each of us. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:7, “seek and ye shall find.”  We must ask God “Why did you create me, why was I born?”  Expect God to answer you.  Be patient as you listen closely for His answer.  But don’t put God in a box.  God is a God of variety.  He may reveal it directly to you, through someone else, or through a dynamic process.

God is an architect and designer.  He started with a blueprint and then He worked backwards.  God had a need and then created each of us to fulfill a particular need.  Your parents, spouse, or pastor don’t know God’s purpose for your life.  They may be able to identify some of your talents and gifts but only God, Elohim, your Creator, knows exactly why you exist.

The third step is to assess what God has deposited within you.  God’s purpose for your life is determined by your makeup.  God has equipped you with the exact talents, spiritual gifts, and temperament needed to fulfill your purpose.  A clue to your purpose is what you are good at and what you like to do.  Consider the things that you love, are compassionate about, hate, anger, or grieve your spirit?  These things may help clarify your purpose.  God is intelligent.  If you don’t like working with children, the probability is great that your purpose is not in children’s ministry. 

Your spiritual gifts are clues to your purpose.  A spiritual gift is a divine enablement. Each Christian has been given one or more spiritual gifts.  A spiritual gifts assessment will give you an idea about your gifting.  In your gifting lies the power and the anointing of God to get the job done.  As you operate in your gifts, there should be sweatless victory.  If you can’t do it, it is not for you to do.  We are accountable to God for the stewardship of our gifts.  Serving in the church or community will uncover your strengths, likes, dislikes, and the vocations at which you are adept.  Your God-given talents are indicators of your purpose.  Some people have a natural ability to sing, write, play instruments, sports, etc.  The more your talents are utilized, the better they get. Remember the 5Ps.  Persistent practice prevents poor performance!

A person’s temperament or personality is another clue to purpose.  Temperament is defined as the unusual personal make-up manifested by peculiarities of feeling, temper, actions, etc.  Taking a personality test will show the type of personality God has given you.

Knowing God, seeking Him for your purpose, and finding out what He has placed in you will aid in your discovery of your God-given purpose.  Once God reveals your unique purpose, it’s time to fulfill it!

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